Navantia launches last Avante 2200 corvette built for Saudi Arabia

Spanish shipbuilding company Navantia has launched the fifth Avante 2200 corvette built for the Royal Navy of Saudi Arabia (RSNF).


The launching ceremony took place on 4 December in the city of San Fernando of the province of Cadiz, Spain. At the ceremony, the Commander of the Royal Saudi Navy stressed that the launch of the five corvettes, with such a short and demanding schedule, has been a remarkable achievement and a clear sign of Navantia’s commitment to meet each milestone of the project.

Spain and Saudi Arabia finalized a framework agreement for the construction of five vessels in April 2018. The ships are built by SAMI Navantia Naval Industries (SAMINavantia), a joint venture between Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and Navantia.

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According to shipbuilder specifications, the Avante 2200 vessels measure 98.9 meters in length, displace 2,500 tons and have a crew capacity of 92. Furthermore, the vessels can accommodate a 10t class helicopter and can deploy two 5.5m RHIBs.

The design incorporates Navantia products such as the CATIZ Combat System, the HERMESYS Integrated Communications System, the DORNA Firing Direction, the Integrated Platform Control System and the MINERVA Integrated Bridge, together with other equipment developed by Navantia under license, such as the MTU Engines or the RENK Reduction Gearboxes.

The first vessel Al Jubail (828) was launched in July last year. According to Navantia, the corvette was completed successfully despite the slowdown in activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The fifth and final corvette is expected to be delivered to the Royal Saudi Navy in 2024.