Russian Navy conducts defense drills in Crimea

The Russian Navy has revealed that its Black Sea Fleet has been practicing a comprehensive tactical exercise to protect naval ships’ bases from enemies in Crimea and the southern Krasnodar Region.

As informed, the training activities were conducted in conditions similar to a real combat situation to test the effectiveness of naval base defense systems.

As part of the exercise, the navy’s personnel repelled the attacks from submerged saboteurs. To detect “saboteurs”, unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater reconnaissance gear were used.

“An integrated tactical exercise for defending naval ships’ bases from submerged saboteurs was held at the Novorossiysk and Crimean naval bases. During the drills, the troops repulsed an attack by ‘subversive groups’ from the direction of the sea and the coastline,” according to the navy officials.

The exercises included more than 200 troops, ships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet, including Grachyonok- and Raptor-class fast-speed anti-sabotage boats, the press office stated.

Last month, the Russian Navy revealed plans to conduct a series of cross-country naval exercises which will involve more than 140 warships, 1,000 pieces of military equipment, 10,000 troops and 60 aircraft.

The main focus of the exercises, planned for January and February this year, is interoperability of Navy and Aerospace Forces, as well as countering “military threats to the Russian Federation from sea and ocean directions.”

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