JFD to supply parts for ROK Navy’s DSAR-5 midlife refit

UK-based underwater capability provider JFD has signed a contract with the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy) to supply parts for their deep search and rescue vehicle DSAR-5 which will undergo a midlife refit this year.

Credit: JFD

JFD and the RoKN signed a contract for DSAR-5 in 2006, which entered into service in 2008 and has since been operating in Korea. JFD has been privileged to deliver the RoKN with parts, systems and services during this time.

This year, DSAR-5 is due to undergo an overhaul inspection and major maintenance period, and in support, JFD has been contracted by AMC Co., Ltd. and DSY Co., Ltd. to supply a range of electrical and mechanical spare parts to sustain the system into the future. 

In addition, JFD signed a contract with the RoKN in 2018, to deliver a new third-generation deep search and rescue vehicle (DSRV), which is due to commence sea trials later this year on the Korean ASR-II submarine rescue ship. 

“The Third Generation Submarine Rescue System focuses on efficient design and optimizing Time to First Rescue. The DSRV has been designed to maximize battery capacity and operational endurance while ensuring minimal time is spent recharging the vehicle’s batteries so the DSRV can be quickly deployed in the event of an incident,” the company noted.

Recently, JFD successfully completed a comprehensive submarine rescue exercise to mobilise the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS).

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It was the first deployment of the whole rescue spread since September 2019 and the first sea deployment of the new fibre optic video and voice communications network upgrade developed and installed by JFD.