WATCH: Indian Navy test-fires new anti-ship missile off Odisha coast

Indian Navy and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) have conducted a maiden flight test of an indigenously-developed naval anti-ship missile launched from a naval helicopter from the integrated test range (ITR).

Indian Navy

The test-firing took place off the coast of Odisha today (18 May). The missile followed the desired sea-skimming trajectory and reached the designated target with a high degree of accuracy, validating the control, guidance and mission algorithms. All the sub-systems performed satisfactorily, according to the Indian Navy.

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The sensors deployed across the test range and near the impact point tracked the missile trajectory and captured all the events.

Furthermore, the missile employed many new technologies, including an indigenously developed launcher for the helicopter. The missile guidance system includes a navigation system and integrated avionics.

“The mission met all its objectives. It is the first indigenous air launched anti-ship missile system for the Indian Navy,” the officials stated.

To remind, the Indian Navy launched two frontline warships, Surat, a Project 15B destroyer (Visakhapatnam-class), and Udaygiri, a Project 17A frigate (Nilgiri-class) at a ceremony held at Mazgaon Docks Limited, Mumbai on 17 May.

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