Kongsberg to provide propellers and shaft lines for German F-126 frigates

Kongsberg Maritime Sweden has been awarded a contract by Damen Naval  to supply four shipsets of controllable pitch propeller systems along with associated hubs, blades, hubcaps and shaft lines, for the German Navy’s new F-126 frigates.


The F-126 platform, due to enter service from 2028, will have an overall length of around 160 metres and displacement of approximately 10.000 tons. It will accommodate up to 114 crew members with 80 additional berths.

Photo: Kongsberg

The propeller/shaft line system is the successful result of a close cooperation between Damen Naval, Kongsberg Maritime, HSVA test institute from Hamburg and the classification society.

“Our long relationship working closely with Damen and with a mutual understanding of the required technology, managed by our experienced and dedicated Project Management teams will be an important success factor in building these frigates,” said Maria Bergsman, responsible for the sale at Kongsberg Maritime.

The multipurpose frigate will be capable of operational missions in all maritime warfare domains.

It will also be able to perform other duties, such as: enforcing naval embargos, counter-piracy missions, long time maritime patrolling, maritime escort and convoy tasks, the support of special forces, and to act as a command ship for task groups.

The four ships, each with two propellers and shaft lines, will be constructed entirely in Germany at shipyards in Wolgast, Kiel and Hamburg.

The building program is set to deliver the ships between 2028 and 2031, with the option to build two more after 2032, with an extended scope of Kongsberg Maritime equipment.

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBW) contracted Damen Naval to design and construct the vessels in 2020.

Damen has already hired defence company Leonardo to provide naval defense systems for the frigates, while defence firms Hensoldt and Thales will equip the vessels with TRS-4D naval radars.

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