Damen hits a milestone in construction of Dutch combat support ship


Dutch shipbuilder Damen has achieved a significant milestone in the construction of Dutch Navy’s combat support ship.

Damen Naval

As explained, the shipbuilder floated the combat support ship in the dry dock and moved to the deeper part of the dock. This is another significant milestone in constructing this new replenishment ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

In the dock’s deeper part, work will continue on placing the remaining parts of the superstructure. Following this, the period of commissioning and testing of all systems will begin.

To remind, the company launched the first hull parts of the vessel in April this year. The design of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s CSS is based on the design of joint support ship HNLMS Karel Doorman, previously built by Damen.

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In 2024, the ship is expected to sail into its new home port Den Helder where it will be handed over to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). The DMO will deliver the vessel to the Royal Netherlands Navy in 2025.