ROKN picks GE Marine’s gas turbines to power PKX-B Batch-II patrol ships

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The Republic of Korea’s Navy (ROKN) has selected GE Marine’s LM500 gas turbines to power the first four PKX-B Batch-II ships.

GE Marine

Two LM500s, each rated at approximately 4.6 MW, will help propel these vessels in the ROKN fleet with a top speed of 40 knots.

A total of 32 LM500 gas turbines are aboard 16 PKX-B Batch-I ships, which have all been delivered.

Batch-II includes an additional 18 ships, with the first four officially contracted for construction in late 2022.

The gas turbine hardware will be manufactured in GE’s Lynn, MA facility, and delivered to Hanwha Aerospace, a GE marine system partner, who will assemble and test the engines before delivering them to HJ Shipbuilding & Construction for installation.

“GE has supplied the ROK Navy with 155 marine gas turbines for 91 ships to date, and we are honored that GE marine gas turbines will continue to power their newest patrol boats. We look forward to further strengthening our relationships in-country for this next generation ship,” said Mark Musheno, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for GE Marine.

The LM500 is derived from GE’s TF34/CF34 turbofan aircraft engines and has 90% commonality with the CF34 engine that powers the popular CRJ100/200 regional jet with more than 14 million hours of operation, according to the company.

“The simple cycle LM500 is a two-shaft gas turbine consisting of a gas generator, a free power turbine and cold-end drive capabilities. The 14-stage axial flow compressor offers a 14.5:1 pressure ratio. The LM500 gas turbine engine is a perfect fit for the PKX-B patrol boats because it incorporates the latest in proven design technology and corrosion-resistant materials to provide a mature design with maximum reliability and component life,” the company noted.

GE ensures that its gas turbines meet the industry’s needs, either by making advances to existing equipment or by introducing new technologies to improve overall performance.