Egyptian Navy orders seven coastal patrol ships from Swiftships

US company Swiftships received notification for an additional seven coastal patrol craft (CPC) award to the existing six contract that was awarded in 2022 from the Egyptian Navy.


In March 2022, Swiftships was awarded a new 28m CPC contract to supply a “Kit” as a modification to its original direct commercial sales (DCS) contract.

The Mod_004 will deliver ten kits to be co-produced in Egypt at Alexandria Shipyard and the Egyptian Ship Repair and Building Company (ESRBC). In addition, six additional 28m CPCs were awarded under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract in 2022.

The total current order is 23 boats, including those currently under construction. 

Swiftships will supply a complete kit of material (KoM), including Zodiac rigid inflatable boats, forward-looking infrared systems (FLIRs), personal computer packages, and the associated engineering technical data package. These 28-meter CPCs reach a top speed of 22-25 knots with a range of 900 NM, are powered by two CAT diesel engines, and are equipped with 12.7mm machine guns.

By combining foreign military sales and DCS contracts, Swiftships will have co-produced forty-two CPCs for Egypt by the end of 2027.

These new contracts signed in 2022 and 2023 add 23 craft to Egypt’s total requirement of 50 CPCs by the end of 2027. In addition, Egypt and Swiftships have started co-marketing the 28-meter CPC to North African allied partners of the US.

Swiftships has been discussing with the Egyptian Armaments Authority (EAA) to co-produce 35-meter fast patrol vessels (FPV) in Alexandria to extend their capability from steel co-production to aluminum.

These FPVs will be all-aluminum crafts with a 1,000 NM range, three MTU engines to reach a top speed of 32 knots, and a complement. Armament options include 12.7mm Rheinmetall Remote Controlled machineguns with additional armament.

The Egyptian Navy s the maritime branch of the Egyptian Armed Forces. It is the largest navy in the Middle East and Africa and the twelfth-largest in the world (measured by the number of vessels). The navy is responsible for protecting over 2,000 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, as well as defending approaches to the Suez Canal and supporting army operations.