Russian Navy’s fifth Project 636.3 submarine launched

Russia’s shipbuilding company Admiralty Shipyards, a subsidiary of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, has launched the fifth Project 363.3 submarine, Mozhaisk, for the Russian Navy.

Admiralty Shipyards

Submarines of the modified 636 project have a higher (compared to previous projects) combat effectiveness. 

The vessels feature optimal combination of acoustic stealth and target detection range, the latest inertial navigation system, a modern automated information and control system, and a powerful high-speed torpedo-missile armament.

Credit: Admiralty Shipyards

The fourth vessel in the class, Ufa, was commissioned In November last year.

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Admiralty Shipyards signed a contract for six Project 636.3 submarines for the Pacific Fleet in September 2016. The fifth vessel in the class, the diesel-electric submarine Magadan, was commissioned last October.

JSC Admiralty Shipyards continues construction of the sixth submarine, Yakutsk. The submarines were laid down in pairs in August 2021 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.