Babcock nets contract for UK’s 2nd Vanguard-class submarine refit

Babcock and the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) have signed an initial contract for the multi-year refit of the second of the UK’s Vanguard Class nuclear submarines, HMS Victorious.

Babcock International

The initial full cost recovery agreement, which will be replaced with a contract on the same terms for the full programme before the end of the year, enables Babcock to begin deep maintenance of the complex submarine at its facility at Devonport.

“The completion of HMS Victorious’ Deep Maintenance Period is vital to supporting Defence’s highest priority. We look forward to working with Babcock to deliver the project on time to enable ongoing submarine availability and to continue to transform Devonport Naval Base into a Centre of Excellence for submarine deep maintenance,” SDA CEO Chris Gardner said.

Submarine support is critical to the defence of the UK and requires specialist engineering skills and dedicated infrastructure. Babcock, the SDA and the Royal Navy are currently in discussions with the intention of finalising a long-term strategic partnership to ensure the stable, safe, effective and efficient delivery of deep and base maintenance of submarines.

Expected to replace current commercial arrangements under the Future Maritime Support Programme, this would place Babcock on a similar footing to other key industrial partners, as part of a wider defence nuclear enterprise.

Vanguard-class submarines will be succeeded by Dreadnought-class units. Recently, the construction started on third Dreadnought-class submarine.

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