Babcock to provide submarine weapons system for South Korean Navy

Defence company Babcock has been awarded a contract for additional work on the South Korean Navy’s submarine program by providing submarine weapons system.


The seven-year contract, awarded by Hanwha Ocean, is to manufacture and install the weapons handling launch system (WHLS) on Boat 6 of the Jangbogo-III class boat.

Boat 6, namely Jangbogo-III Batch-II Boat 3, along with the rest of the class, will use air turbine pump and programmable firing valve launch system.

Key elements of the WHLS will be designed and produced in the UK, with the remainder built under licence in South Korea.

Babcock has been involved with the Jangbogo-III program since 2011 and is currently more than halfway through delivering hardware for Boat 4, having completed all 217 milestones on time or early across the contracts.

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Neal Misell, Chief Executive, Mission Systems, Babcock said: “Babcock is a world leader in weapons handling and launch systems – and we are delighted to have been awarded this contract to continue our work on the Jangbogo-III class submarine programme.”

“In an increasingly complex geopolitical climate, defence customers want products and services which are affordable, capable and available. Babcock’s air turbine pump system successfully satisfies these requirements and our team’s top quality reputation is reflected by its delivery of all major Jangbogo-III milestones on time or early.”

“We have designed, manufactured, and provided in-service support for submarine weapons handling and launch systems for more than 50 years – with our products currently used by the UK, Spanish, South Korean and Canadian navies,” Babcock also noted.

Our patented air turbine pump offers several advantages. It is compact and highly efficient as it uses less firing air, meaning the system is quiet and has lower maintenance requirements than other handling and launch systems.

The contract award is the latest example of our growing international collaboration with Hanwha Ocean.

Earlier this month Nick Hine, Babcock’s Managing Director for AUKUS and International, visited Hanwha Ocean to discuss ways the firm could work as a team in the global submarine market.