Belgian Navy orders six Exail’s R7 ROVs

Belgian Defense has ordered six R7 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from Exail, a UK-based high-tech company specializing in robotics, maritime, navigation, aerospace and photonics technologies.


According to Exail, the R7 ROV is easy to deploy and operate from small boats such as RHIBs or from the shore. The ROV can accommodate a robotic arm and several payloads, making it a versatile robot capable of carrying out a wide range of missions.

For explosive ordnance (EOD) neutralization missions, the R7 carries a special payload equipped with a neutralization charge. Highly accurate positioning is ensured by the R7’s embedded INS, DVL and USBL sensors, Exail said.

In addition, the ROV is equipped with a multibeam sonar and an Orphie 12S camera for precise target detection and identification in the most challenging conditions.

“We would like to thank the Belgian Defense for the trust they place in us by selecting the R7 ROV. This order from a nation renowned for its expertise in underwater operations, confirms the R7’s capabilities for critical infrastructure protection, explosive ordnance disposal and inspection missions up to 300m depth,” said Nicolas Astruc, Managing Director of ROV at Exail.

“The introduction of ROV R7s in the Belgian Navy marks a significant advance in the protection of Belgian waters; for underwater explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) inspection and removal, security of ports, coastal areas, ships and key infrastructures. This initiative demonstrates the Navy’s commitment to continuously improving its capabilities and ensuring the safety of both its personnel and the environment in which they operate,” stated the Belgian Defense.

With the new ROV order, Belgium wants to enhance the Belgian Armed Forces capabilities for inspection and disposal of underwater explosive ordnance, safeguarding harbors, coastal areas, ships and key infrastructures.

Last November, Exail received a contract to provide advanced inertial navigation systems and data distribution units for the Royal Netherlands and Belgian navies’ anti-submarine warfare frigates (ASWF).

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