French Shipbuilding Corporation DCNS Conditions Mistrals for Russia

French shipbuilding corporation DCNS has started development of technical documentation to adapt Mistral-class assault landing ships for Russian conditions, reported the shipyard’s press service on Dec 7.

“We’re working on conditioning of the ship’s deck for Russia’s specifications. In particular, the question is navigation in severe climatic conditions. For instance, the heliport will be equipped with anti-icing systems”, explained a representative of the DCNS press service. “Also, the ship should accommodate Kamov-class helicopters with coaxial rotors, so the hangars must be higher. Electric networks and onboard systems will be also adapted”.

The first Mistral-class ship is supposed to join Russian Navy in 2014, and the second – late in 2015, reports ITAR-TASS referring to the DCNS official.

The EUR 1.2-bln contract for construction and delivery of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers was signed on June 17 in St. Petersburg in the presence of president Medvedev.

The ships will carry deck-based version of Russian attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator. The trials aimed to adapt that multirole attack helicopter for naval operations were completed in Sept 2011 at Northern Fleet.

Under the Mistral contract, the French party will transfer ship construction technology to Russia, as well as SENIT-9 tactical data system mounted on French landing ships. Later, this technology will be used for construction of other two heli-carriers at Russian shipyards.

Russia will build the third and the fourth Mistral ships independently. One ship of this project has displacement of 21,000 tons and hull length of 210 meters, and is capable to accommodate up to 16 heavy helicopters and transport up to 900 servicemen and 70 armored vehicles.

Naval Today Staff, December 09, 2011