Riga Shipyard Delivers Patrol Ship Viesiteto to Latvia’s MoD

Riga Shipyard Delivers Patrol Ship Viesiteto to Latvia's MoD

Riga Shipyard today delivered Patrol ship Viesīteto to the Latvia’s Ministry of Defence. The building of patrol ship Viesīteto started in June 17th 2009, the vessel is third out of five new SWATH type patrol ships built for Latvian Navy.

The Viesīteto was designed and built to Germanischer Lloyd classification standards and has a length of 25.71m, a beam of 13.0m and a draught of 2.70m.

This seaworthiness and a range of 1,000 nm qualify the new class for all sorts of offshore duties.

This two-hull patrol ship can be used as for military purposes as well as for civilian purposes. The ships Skrunda and Cesis are already being used for patrols, human search and rescue at the sea and the ships are equipped with oil consequences remediation, the mine searching and destruction equipment.

Naval Today Staff, August 22, 2012; Image: abeking