UK: HMS Richmond Welcomes Onboard Two Affiliates

HMS Richmond Welcomes Onboard Two Affiliates


The Captain and crew of HMS Richmond were delighted to welcome onboard two affiliates from the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers during a recent period of sea training.

Having previously visited HMS Richmond during an Affiliate’s Day held alongside in Portsmouth, Mr and Mrs William Daniels Esq, both Court Assistants within the Worshipful Company, were delighted to be able to spend a week onboard whilst the Ship passaged overseas to take part in a series of exercises.

During their time onboard the affiliates took the time to visit each Department and gain an insight into the daily working life of the sailors onboard HMS Richmond.

For Mr Daniels visiting the weapon systems and engine spaces proved to be the highlight of his visit, whereas Mrs Daniels marvelled at the scale at which the Chef’s had to prepare food, sometimes in quite challenging conditions.

Their lasting memory however was the way in which every member of the Ship’s Company was fully capable of reacting to emergencies onboard, thanks to the high level of training every member receives throughout their time in the Royal Navy.

HMS Richmond is currently overseas taking part in Anti-Submarine Exercises with surface ships and submarines from several different Navies to further refine her interoperability and warfighting capability.

Naval Today Staff, February 20, 2013; Image: Royal Navy