USS Chancellorsville Finishes Combat Systems Upgrades

USS Chancellorsville Finishes Combat Systems Upgrades

Naval Sea Systems Command completed the first-ever Air Defense Cruiser Aegis Baseline 9 combat systems upgrade for USS Chancellorsville (CG 62), March 29.

The upgrade, part of the Navy’s Cruiser Modernization program, began in April 2012 at BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Facility and was completed following combat systems testing and sea trials.

“With its newly enhanced air defense capability, USS Chancellorsville will be one of the most powerful warships operating in the fleet today,” said Capt. Ted Zobel, program manager for the Cruiser Modernization program in NAVSEA’s Surface Warfare Directorate. “The team supporting this combat systems modernization is returning a more capable ship to the fleet, enhancing the Navy’s ability to meet mission requirements.”

The Cruiser Modernization program is designed to upgrade in-service ships to keep pace with evolving threats while enabling ships to meet service life requirements and future operational commitments. Cruiser modernization enhances overall combat systems capability through numerous system improvements.

The Baseline 9 upgrades installed on board USS Chancellorsville include an overall Aegis Weapon System upgrade coupled with an improved Cooperative Engagement Capability, an AN/SPQ-9B integrated for anti-missile defense, AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 upgrades and a gun weapon system upgrade that includes installation of two 5″/62 caliber gun mounts, the Electro-Optical Sighting System and the MK 160 Fire Control System.

In addition, the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile will be introduced aboard all modernized cruisers while SM-6 and Navy Integrated Fire Control Counter Air capability is introduced aboard the baseline three (CG 59-64) and four (CG 65-73) cruisers. The combination of these upgrades allows for improved capability across the majority of the cruiser’s mission areas.

USS Chancellorsville received a hull, mechanical and electrical upgrade in 2007 that improved the material condition of the ship, replaced obsolete equipment, improved quality of life and reduced total ownership costs through technology insertion.

The ship will next undergo combat system ship qualification trials beginning in April. This period will include post-availability underways that will include both live and simulated firing events as well as Baseline 9 developmental and integrated test events. The ship is expected to rejoin the fleet in June 2014.

NAVSEA’s Surface Warfare Directorate manages the complete lifecycle support for all non-nuclear surface ships and is the principal interface with the Surface Warfare Enterprise. The directorate is responsible for the maintenance and modernization of non-nuclear surface ships currently operating in the fleet. Through planned modernization and upgrade programs, the directorate will equip today’s surface ships with the latest technologies and systems to keep them in the fleet through their service lives.

Naval Today Staff, April 1, 2013; Image: US Navy