Australia: Final Fabricated Blocks Delivered for First Hobart Class AWD

Final Fabricated Blocks Delivered for First Hobart Class AWD

The final fabricated blocks for the first destroyer, Hobart, have just been delivered to the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance in Adelaide following a week-long journey by sea from Newcastle.

AWD Alliance CEO Rod Equid said the four blocks arrived in Adelaide from block sub-contractor, Forgacs Engineering.

 “This is a significant milestone for the AWD project as we will now have all of the blocks from our sub-contractors for the first destroyer, Hobart,” Mr Equid said. “The consolidation process for Hobart is progressing well with the rapidly growing ship structure continuing to take shape on the hardstand week by week.

“Two of the four blocks in this delivery by Forgacs are located at the bow of the ship,” said Mr Equid. “The ship’s 5-inch naval gun will sit on top of one of the blocks, which will also house its ammunition.

“The forward-most block will make up the forecastle of the ship and will hold the anchor, chain and winch machinery. The remaining blocks will be positioned at the aft of the ship and house the helicopter hangar and rudder controls.”

The three Hobart Class destroyers are being built using a modular construction method across three shipyards in Australia and one in Spain. The ships are being consolidated at the South Australian Government’s Common User Facility at Techport, which is adjacent to lead shipbuilder ASC.

When the three destroyers enter service with the Royal Australian Navy from 2016 they will represent a significant increase in capability.

The ships will be equipped with the Aegis Weapon system, making them capable of assuming a leading command and control role within the Australian Defence Force as well as coalition forces.

The AWD project is being delivered under an Alliance structure. The AWD Alliance is made up of the Defence Materiel Organisation representing the Australian Government, ASC as the lead shipbuilder and Raytheon Australia as the mission systems integrator.

Press Release, June 4, 2013; Image: AWD Alliance