Russian Submarine Assists Small Boat

Russian Submarine Assists Small Boat

Russian submarine K-119 Voronezh assisted a small boat during a storm in the White Sea on June 8th, reports


When the crew of the small vessel realised that it was running low on fuel, the crew members sent a distress signal to their home port of Arkhangelsk. The authorities from the port sent two ships and a transport helicopter to help, but the first to arrive was the Russian submarine K-119 Voronezh.

The four crew members and one passenger from the Barents-1000 boarded the submarine which took their boat in tow.

The Oscar-class nuclear-propelled cruise-missile submarine K-119 Voronezh of the Russian Northern Fleet, which is currently on her way to base in Severodvinsk, was conducting training in the area.

Naval Today Staff, June 11, 2014; Image: submarines

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