MBDA Teseo Mk2/E anti-ship system for Italian Navy ships

European defence company MBDA will be providing the Italian Navy with its new Teseo Evolved Weapon System, Teseo Mk2/E.

Photo: MBDA

As explained, the new generation system builds on the legacy Teseo family, known as OTOMAT, and is expected to bring a substantial improvement in anti-ship capabilities.

Teseo Mk2/E will engage both sea and land targets at very long range, with full mission control throughout the missile flight. The system will have an innovative integrated mission planning and a new RF seeker, with options for additional features and capabilities in the future, according to MBDA.

The solution is the result of joint MBDA and Italian Navy technical and programme activities over the past three years that matured the concept of this advanced system.

The Teseo Mk2/E missile system will equip the next generation destroyer (DDX) and could replace the previous Mk2/A version onboard FREMM and Horizon class frigates.

The new multi-purpose offshore patrol vessels (PPA – Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura), currently in production, are already fit for Teseo Mk2/E installation in the future.

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In the anti-ship weapon market, Teseo Mk2/E will represent a new standard and will be ready to be tailored for international requirements, MBDA added.

“The Teseo Mk2/E has been defined and designed thanks to an intense collaboration between the Italian Navy and MBDA,” Lorenzo Mariani, Executive Group Director Sales and Business Development and Managing Director MBDA Italia, commented.

This new anti-ship missile will mark a step change in the OTOMAT/Teseo family, keep up with ever-evolving threats and feature advanced functions to support the Italian Navy operations that will significantly increase the flexibility and operational value of the Italian Navy surface ships that will be equipped with it.”

Last month, MBDA was also awarded a contract from the Egyptian Navy for the VL MICA NG — new generation — air defence system to equip the Gowind corvettes.