Australian Navy retires HMAS Sirius after 15 years of service

Royal Australian Navy (RAN) support ship HMAS Sirius was decommissioned in Perth’s Fleet Base West after 15 years of service.


The ship, which holds the record of RAN’s biggest fuel replenishment at sea, played a key role defending Australia’s border. The decommissioning ceremony took place on 18 December.

“Sirius broke the previous Navy record for the biggest fuel replenishment at sea in 2013, passing almost 10,000 cubic metres of fuel to US Naval Ship Yukon over 13½ hours,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said.

“And in 2013 and 2014, Sirius also played an important role in protecting our borders as a key part of Operation Resolute, doing patrols as part of Navy’s contribution to our Government’s effort to protect our borders.”

HMAS Sirius was built as a double-hulled commercial product tanker, MV Delos, and purchased by the Commonwealth Government on 3 June 2004. Named Sirius, the ship underwent modification for underway replenishment. In addition, a flight deck was fitted for helicopter operations.

The ship could carry over 34,806 cbm of fuel including 5486 cbm of aviation fuel for use by RAN helicopters. HMAS Sirius could replenish ships at sea by day and night and was capable of replenishing two ships at a time. It had transfer points for fuel, water, and stores.

Australia’s supply ships were replaced with two Supply-class auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) ships, HMAS Supply, commissioned on 10 April 2021, and HMAS Stalwart commissioned on 13 November 2021.

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