Greece pens deal with Naval Group for three FDI HN frigates to modernize future naval fleet

Greece has signed a contract with French shipbuilding major Naval Group for three defence and intervention (FDI HN) frigates, plus one optional, and their in-service support to be built for the Hellenic Navy.

Naval Group

The contract, which was signed on 24 March in Athens, was concluded in accordance with the defence agreement signed last October between Greece and France. The agreement includes also the supply of MU90 torpedoes and CANTO countermeasures.

The Hellenic Parliament passed the bill ratifying the purchase of three FDI frigates last month.

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As part of the frigate program, Naval Group’s teams have been working in Greece for several months to establish partnerships with local industrial players for the construction and the in-service support of the ships.

The objective is to sign the first contracts in the coming months. In addition, this cooperation plan contains a section dedicated to the development of European R&D projects, in collaboration with Hellenic and European partners.

FDI HN frigate – the first digital multi-mission ship

According to Naval Group, the FDI HN (Hellenic Navy) frigate features “high-level capabilities” in all warfare domains: anti-ship, anti-air, antisubmarine, and special forces projection. Its air and surface defences are ensured by the modern sensors, including the Thales Sea Fire, the first all-digital multifunction radar with an active antenna and fixed panels.

Credit: Naval Group

The FDI HN is equipped with an integrated mast that brings together all the airborne sensors, enabling permanent 360° surveillance.

As the first frigate on the market to be natively protected against cyber threats, the FDI HN is equipped with two data centers hosting almost all the ship’s applications, Naval Group stated.

Technical specifications of FDI HN frigates include:

  • Displacement: 4,500 tons
  • Length: 122 meters
  • Beam: 18 metres
  • Maximum speed: 27 knots
  • operational availability: 3,500 hours per year
  • aviation facility: 10 ton-class helicopter, VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

The main armaments of the FDI HN are:

  • 32 Aster missiles developed by MBDA
  • 8 Exocet MM40 B3C missiles developed by MBDA
  • RAM missiles
  • MU 90 torpedoes developed by Naval Group
  • 76 mm gun
  • 4 torpedo tubes
  • CANTO counter measures developed by Naval Group

Naval Group plans to deliver the vessels in a very short timeframe, with the first two units slated for delivery in 2025, and the third one in 2026.

Photo by: Naval Group