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Australia: Exercise Kakadu 2022 set to be one of the biggest yet

This year’s Kakadu, a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) led exercise supported by the Royal Australian Air Force, is set to be one of the biggest yet, with more than 15 vessels, more than 30 aircraft and around 3,000 personnel from more than 20 countries participating in the drill.

Royal Australian Navy

The exercise Kakadu (KA22), that will begin on 12 September, is the RAN’s flagship biennial regional International engagement activity and has grown in size and complexity since its inception in 1993.

It is being conducted in the Northern Australian Exercise area from 12 to 24 September 2022.

Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, welcomed personnel from participating countries to Australia and the valuable partnerships that would be forged during the exercise.

“Exercise Kakadu is Navy’s most significant international engagement activity and is vital for building relationships between participating countries,” VADM Hammond said.

“The theme for this year’s exercise is ‘Partnership, Leadership, Friendship’ and we aim to demonstrate that in spades over 15 days of intense activity at sea and ashore.”

The at-sea exercise program will be complemented by a vibrant harbor phase comprising briefings, fleet commanders and senior leaders’ conference, cultural events, sports and social functions.

In the past 30 years Australia has seen participation from the following nations; Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, France (New Caledonia), India, Pakistan, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Hong Kong (United Kingdom), Canada, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Fiji, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Cook Islands, Sri Lanka, Chile, China and Vanuatu. 

Rceently, the Australian Navy announced it has signed Navy Training Force Platforms and Systems Training contract with CAE Australia, which will deliver essential platform and system training to navy personnel ashore, to boost effective capability at sea. 

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